Cottage Garden Shed Kitset (5m2)

The Cottage Garden Shed is a 5-square-meter untreated wooden kitset in the same style as our other She Shed cabins. Like all our cabin kitsets, it comes unpainted, but as it is raw untreated timber, you’ll need to paint it immediately after assembly (or before/during). Includes a single door with double-glazed glass.

Obviously, this tiny wooden cabin makes a beautiful garden shed, but we also have customers who have used it as a small office space where our 9m2 Star cabin couldn’t fit, and even as a sturdy utility or external power shed alongside one of our bigger cabins.

$7,000 NZD

Quick Specifications:

Shed Dimensions

2m x 2.5m = 5 Square Meters

Height (At peak)

2.61 Meters

Wall Thickness

28mm Boards

Roof Style


Roof Material

Asphalt Shingles

Roof Thickness

18mm Boards

Floor Thickness

18mm Boards

Timber Treatment


Timber Type

Kiln-Dried Nordic Spruce

Build Information:



Tools & Equipment:

Here's a quick list of common tools or equipment that we recommend you have available when building your cabin:

  • Rubber mallet.
  • Hammer and Punch.
  • Battery Drill.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Straight Edge.
  • Skill Saw.
  • Step Ladder.
  • Craft Knife (for cutting/trimming roof tiles).
  • Paint/varnish to seal and finish.
  • Able-bodied assistant.

Additional tools that can be helpful:

  • Nail gun.
  • Electric Planer.
  • Mitre/Compound Saw.

Included in Your Kitset:

The Cottage Garden Shed Kitset

Kitset including timber for joists, floor, walls roof, and roofing shingles.

Single Door

W45H single door (including doorframe and lock etc). Untreated.

Hardware & Components

Installation components, including fasteners, sealant, and hardware.

Build Support & Instructions

Including instruction booklet, step-by-step video, ongoing phone and email support from our shed consultants.

Double Glazing

All our doors and windows come with double-glazed glass for maximum comfort.

Do you have any questions?

We would love to help answer those for you!

Optional Extras to Add to Your Cottage Garden Shed:

Here's a few extra options we can provide, (Clicking on any of the options below will open their details page in a new tab/window):

Additional Single Door

Add an extra of the already included W45H single door. Treated.

W24H Double French Doors

Add a set of W24H double French-style doors.

W21 Casement Window

Add a W21 French-style casement window for 28mm walls.

W44 Single Top-Hung Window

Add a W44 single top-hung window.

Not Included:

To help you plan your project, here's a quick list of common options (that we don't currently provide), but which you may want to add to your SheShed:

  • Sub-base/frame or foundations.
  • Installation/Assembly of the kitset.
  • Painting & decorating.
  • Electrical wiring/connections.
  • Decking.
  • Insulation.
  • Roof guttering and downspouts.

Although these are not included in the kitset, we do have ideas, tips and advice to help you add them to your cabin. Give us a call!

Council Approval & Consents:

Council approval is not required* in most areas of AU & NZ providing your cabin...

  • ... is placed at least its own height away from the boundary.
  • ... is an accessory building (not a dwelling).

*These conditions are general in nature, as each council has its own requirements. Therefore we recommend you discuss directly with them.

Upgrade The Cottage Garden Shed:

Is the Cottage Garden Shed the right style but too small? Here's what you could look at instead, click on an option below to see some larger sizes of cabin:

Upgrade to the Star (9m2)

Big sister to the Cottage Garden Shed, the Star Cabin is the most popular She Shed kitset. Click here to read more about the Star Cabin.

$10,500 NZD

Upgrade to the Cabana (12m2)

Practically identical to the Star Cabin but with 3m2 of additional floorspace, for a total of 12 meters square. Click here to read more about the Cabana Cabin.

$13,500 NZD

Upgrade to the Tasman (20m2)

It's like the Star cabin started going to the gym. It's 1 meter wider, 2 meters longer, and almost double-thick for the walls. Click here to read more about the Tasman Cabin.

$22,800 NZD

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