The Sleepout

Whether you need a place for your teenagers to escape from the rest of the house, or you’re looking for a cozy sleepout, a SheShed is the perfect solution. Our kitset cabins give your teenagers some extra space, for studying, playing computer games, a movie room, or place to hang out with their friends.  Designed for space and relaxation, a SheShed cabin is the backyard escape for the whole family to use.

French Doors and Windows on a outdoor pod

As a parent it can be frustrating trying to find room for a homework, living, or entertainment space for your teenager.

A lack of space with a teenager means;

  • A crowded house
  • Moody teenagers
  • No peace & quiet
  • More house work
  • More stress
double bedroom studio
Tiny house with a tiled floor and timber walls
portable cabin that was shipped from Sydney to Melbourne

Create a teenage retreat for your teenager and the whole family will be happy.

A place of their own
Family tensions will be avoided when everyone has a bedroom of their own. Inviting friends over will be hassle-free.

A place to study
Your teen will be able to study in peace without the distractions that come with a busy family life.

Inviting friends will be hassle-free
You’ll have the house to yourself when your teenager has friends over.

A media room
Create a space to watch movies or play computer games in their own space away from the main living area.

Kitset options to create a backyard sleepout with a SheShed cabin that will give your teenager a place of their own.

Here are some popular choices of wooden sheds to use as a sleepout or teenage retreat:

Star Cabin (Untreated)

9 square meters

3m wide x 3m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Untreated timber


8m2 Tussock Cabin Kitset for a sleepout
New Style

Tussock Cabin

8.75 square meters

3.5m wide x 2.5m long
2.47m tall • 45mm walls
Untreated timber


Sleepout for sale NZ

Ranch Cabin

12 square meters

4m wide x 3m long
2.9m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


Black Tiny House for Sale 19.4m2 in NZ

Brook River Cabin

19.4 square meters

6m wide x 3.5m long
2.9m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


Spare bedroom used for guests in a backyard cabin

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