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Why Your ShedShed Cabin Will Be the Envy of Your Neighbours!

5 Reasons to choose SheShed for your wooden kitset cabin. #1 European Timber & Manufac

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What Would YOU Do With a She Shed?

Kiwis are embracing the tiny house-esque phenomenon. What would you do with a kistset cabi

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Seven Sharp Shed Makeover

Did you catch Hilary Barry decorating her SheShed on Seven Sharp? Check out the photos of

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Bring the Beach Home!

We’re all dreaming of a beach holiday… Whether that’s watching the sun set in New Caledoni

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A School Holiday Adventure

We’re preparing for another round of school holidays that are unlike any in the years befo

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Creating a Permanent Staycation!

Because of Covid19 we’re all spending more time at home, and exploring our cities and local areas with Staycations. Have you thought about creating a permanent staycation?

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Tips for a Staycation

Everyone has a story on how Covid19 has effected them. Some people have had a work situation change, others have newborns they haven’t been able to travel to meet, and some have canceled their dream holiday. If you’re still craving the adventure and thrill of a great vacation, there’s still a great way to do that… a backyard staycation! Keep reading for our tips.

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Win a She Shed - Let it Sew by Indi

As Covid19 has spread through the world, many people’s work situations have changed. We wanted to support these people and give them the opportunity to Win a She Shed. After 336 entries and with 975 votes we had our She Shed winner – Let it Sew by Indi.

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Incredible Businesses That Started at Home

There are some amazing businesses that started at home. Start your home business in a She Shed and maybe one day, you could be on this list!

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She Sheds Create the Perfect Space for the Kids!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about “the perfect home office,” and most options include moving you outside, away from the house, away from the family. Create a space for the kids outside instead!

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Working from Home - A Larger Space

More and more of us are turning to the convenience of working from home. Our range of She Sheds have become florist studios, beauty studios, graphic design offices and even pet groomers.
But what if you need more space?
Introducing the Brook River Log Cabin.

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Working From Home - Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

In this post-Covid 19 setting, working from home has become more of an option than ever.
She Sheds are a fantastic solution to help you work from home.

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