Star Cabin Untreated Kitset (9m2)

Star Untreated Kitset 9m2

$9,500 NZD

Included in Your 3x3m Star Kitset:

Solid Timber Components

Full kitset including precut timber for joists, floor, walls, and roof. (Note some wall boards will need to be cut when you choose your window location/s.)

Double French Doors

One set of W24H double French-style doors. 1210mm wide x 1935mm high.

Single Top-Hung Window

One single W44 top-hung window. 700mm wide x 1140mm high.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt roof tiles are both long-lasting and easy to install (with minimal extra tools needed). They're also suitable for collecting rainwater for your garden.

Also Included with Every SheShed:

Free Build Support

As part of your kitset purchase, you (or your designated builder) get free ongoing phone and email support from our shed consultants.

Step-by-Step Build Instructions (and Videos!)

We've assembled our own sheds and taken the time to write our own step-by-step instructions in plain English, with detailed photos of each stage.

Hardware & Components

Installation components, including fasteners, sealant, and hardware.

Double Glazing

All our doors and windows come with double-glazed glass for maximum comfort.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

All our SheShed wooden components are made using kiln-dried Nordic Spruce that has been ethically sourced from certified renewable forests.

5-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Your shed must be painted or sealed, within six weeks of receiving it using a minimum 3 coat system. Click here for full terms of the warranty.

Detailed Specifications:


Tools & Equipment:

Here's a quick list of common tools or equipment that we recommend you have available when building your cabin:

  • Rubber mallet.
  • Hammer and Punch.
  • Battery Drill.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Straight Edge.
  • Skill Saw.
  • Step Ladder.
  • Craft Knife (for cutting/trimming roof tiles).
  • Paint/varnish to seal and finish.
  • Able-bodied assistant.

Additional tools that can be helpful:

  • Nail gun.
  • Electric Planer.
  • Mitre/Compound Saw.

Build Information:


Do you have any questions?

We would love to help answer those for you!

Optional Extras to Add to Your Star Cabin:

Here's a few extra options we can provide, (Clicking on any of the options below will open their details page in a new tab/window):

Storm Brace Kit

Storm brace kit for added stability of the Star Cabin in high wind zones.

Roof Canopy Kit

Extend the roof canopy by 3 meters.

Roof Insulation Kit

Add commercial-grade foam insulation to the roof of the Star Cabin.

Slotted Wall Brackets

x80 Slotted brackets for building a wall cavity to install wall insulation in the Star Cabin.

Additional Double French Doors

Add an extra set of the already included W24H double French-style doors.

Additional Single Top-Hung Window

Add an extra of the already included W44 single top-hung window.

W21 Casement Window

Add a W21 French-style casement window for 28mm walls.

Not Included:

To help you plan your project, here's a quick list of common options (that we don't currently provide), but which you may want to add to your SheShed:

  • Sub-base/frame or foundations.
  • Installation/Assembly of the kitset.
  • Painting & decorating.
  • Electrical wiring/connections.
  • Decking.
  • Insulation.
  • Roof guttering and downspouts.

Although these are not included in the kitset, we do have ideas, tips and advice to help you add them to your cabin. Give us a call!

Council Approval & Consents:

Council approval is not required* in most areas of AU & NZ providing your cabin...

  • ... is placed at least its own height away from the boundary.
  • ... is an accessory building (not a dwelling).

*These conditions are general in nature, as each council has its own requirements. Therefore we recommend you discuss directly with them.

Upgrade The Star Cabin:

Is the Star Cabin close, but not quite right? Here's what you could look at instead, click on an option below to learn more about them:

Extend the roof canopy by another 3 meters

Add the Canopy kit to extend the roof of the Star cabin by another 3 meters so you can build a deck under cover out front. Click here to read more about the Star Canopy Kit Cabin.

$14,400 NZD

Add an additional 3m2 of floorspace

Upgrade to the Cabana cabin, which is practically identical to the Star but with 3m2 of additional floorspace for a total of 12 meters square. Click here to read more about the Cabana Cabin.

$13,500 NZD

Double the cabin: More than twice the space

Upgrade to the Star Deluxe which is two Star cabins with a special joiner-kit to merge the two cabins together for a total of 18.75 meters square. Click here to read more about the Star Deluxe Cabin.

$22,200 NZD

Supersize the Star: Upgrade to the Tasman

It's like the Star cabin started going to the gym. It's 1 meter wider, 2 meters longer, and almost double-thick for the walls, for a total of 20 square meters. Click here to read more about the Tasman Cabin.

$22,800 NZD