Tiny House or Tiny Home

If you’re a home owner looking for a way to downsize and live off the grid, you may want to consider using a SheShed cabin as your tiny house. Our kitset wooden cabins are becoming increasingly popular as a place for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Best of all, our cabins are typically much less expensive than traditional building methods, as they come ready to construct in a kitset, so they’re a great option for anyone on a budget. With a SheShed tiny home you’ll be able live off-grid with all the comforts.
The Brook River Cabin used as a weekender in rural outskirts of Brisbane AU

Downsizing to a tiny house and living off-grid doesn’t mean you have to give up your comfort or style.

Living in a tiny house means;

  • A space of your own at a fraction of the price
  • Lower utility & maintenance costs
  • You can de-clutter your life
  • Less time, effort & cost cleaning
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • You can go off grid with composting toilets, solar energy etc


Create a stylish tiny house that will allow you to live off grid in comfort with a SheShed kitset cabin.

With a SheShed tiny house you’ll be able live off-grid with all the comforts.

Stylish & Functional
With a stylish SheShed, you’ll be proud to live in a Tiny House.

Low Maintenance
Once built a SheShed requires little maintenance so you’ll have more time to enjoy life.

Kitset Construction
All SheSheds come as kitsets making it easy to build your tiny home in those hard to reach locations.

Create your own tiny house with a SheShed kitset cabin.

Ranch Cabin

12 square meters
4m wide x 3m long
2.9m tall 44mm walls
Treated timber

$19,600 NZD

Star Deluxe Cabin

18.75 square meters
3m wide x 6.25m long
2.8m tall 28mm walls
Treated timber

$22,200 NZD

A Black kitset cabin used as a granny flat VIC AU

Brook River Cabin

19.4 square meters
6m wide x 3.5m long
2.9m tall 44mm walls
Treated timber

$31,500 NZD

Lake Cabin

29 square meters
7m wide x 5m long
3.4m tall 44mm walls
Treated timber

$55,600 NZD

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