The Bach / Weekender

If you’re like many of us Aussies & Kiwis, you love escaping to the family holiday Bach or Weekender to get some much-needed R&R. But with everyone piled into a small space, it can be tough to find enough room to relax. That’s where a SheShed cabin can come in handy! You can use it for extra storage or as a spot for the kids to play, and it’s the perfect way to add some extra space to your holiday home.

Shed by sea for storing equipment lifejackets and kayaks

We all want to relax and enjoy our family holiday at the bach or weekender by the seaside.

However a lack of space means

  • More stress
  • More work
  • More mess
  • Less relaxation
  • Less enjoyment
  • Less quality time with the family
Cabin on a Farm, as a kitset farm house in rural QLD AU
back yard bedroom set up in a kitset cabin
tourist checking out a timber cabin

Don’t let a lack of space ruin your holiday, create more space at the Bach with a SheShed Kitset Cabin.

Impress your guests
With an extra room (or 2!) you’ll be able to invite guests, or family to holiday with you.

Avoid Family Tensions
With a SheShed, there’ll be more space to relax and the kids will get along.

Relax & Recharge
Instead of constantly tidying up and struggling to find space for everything, you can relax and enjoy your family holiday.

Create a bach to boast about, and start enjoying your holidays more with a SheShed.

Here are some popular choices of wooden sheds to use as a Bach/Weekender:

Star Cabin (Untreated)

9 square meters

3m wide x 3m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Untreated timber


green shed au

Cabana Cabin

12 square meters

3m wide x 4m long
2.8m tall • 28mm walls
Treated timber


Sleepout for sale NZ

Ranch Cabin

12 square meters

4m wide x 3m long
2.9m tall • 44mm walls
Treated timber


Hobby Shed
New Style

Alpine Cabin

19 square meters

5.5m wide x 3.5m long
2.71m tall • 45mm walls
Untreated timber


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