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Spotlight on Paul’s Ranch Log Cabin

Searching for an extension to their home in the Blue Mountains, Paul and his wife Linda came across SheShed and fell in love with the modern rustic log cabin style of our Ranch Cabin Kitset.  

The perfect garden hideaway nestled in the trees of their Katoomba home, this Ranch Cabin will be used as an office space, a space to create for Artist Linda, and most of all a place to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature.  

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul to chat about his Ranch Log Cabin build, the process, challenges and how they are enjoying the cabin today. Check out the video below.  

"Before we purchased our She Shed we had investigated other studio options on the internet and from a brochure from a local hardware store. We saw an insert in the local paper and were interested. We came to the showroom and could see the quality and different options. The SheShed team were incredibly helpful guiding us to the correct She Shed that would suit our needs. We were impressed by the double glazed glass windows & door on Shesheds as another product we looked at only had clear acrylic windows.


The videos and manual were very helpful. We had a carpenter build the base for the She Shed. We took our time putting it together & covered with a tarp when it rained. Sheshed answered any queries we had concerning building and parts. Roof shingles are supposed to be put on in warm sunny weather so the bitchumen. It had been very cold up here so I used a battery hot glue gun to put a few spots of glue under each tile on the strip to help adhesion."

Do you have any questions?

We would love to help answer those for you!

"The quality of the wood and parts made it fairly easy to construct even though my skills in this area were basic. Extra roofing shingles that were included are good just in case we need to replace some in the future as the She Shed is built beneath trees.


The She Shed looks so good. Even the neighbours were impressed by the finish and the shingle roof. It also feels very spacious inside with lots of headroom compared to other products we looked at. The She Shed has given us more space and a different place to work/relax other than in the house.


The extra horizontal window was easy to install and really lets in extra light. I would recommend looking at installing at least one on a side wall. We used household bleach on the internal walls – applied with a paint brush before the flooring went in as we wanted lighter wood inside. We then painted with a Porter’s ‘wood wash’ paint because the grain looks so nice."

Which SheShed Kitset is this?

We're glad you asked! Paul has built our Ranch Cabin kitset. It's 3m x 4m for 12 square meters of floorspace, with 44mm thick wall boards and our classic asphalt tile roof.

What changes did he make to the kitset?

  • Hired a builder to build the subframe and a beautiful deck out the front.
  • Qualified electrician ran wiring to the cabin for lights.
  • Bought a 1935mm x 340mm W24 Fixed Horizontal Window to add more light.

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