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Emily's Kapiti Coast Flower Studio Star Cabin

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Emily created a beautiful work-from-home floral studio using our 3x3m Star Cabin kitset. Being able to create from her own space, has created more structured time for work and spending time with her young family.

 “It's created a space for me to be free and have fun with my work. I can leave the mess till the end of the day and not worry. I can display all my beautiful creations and number one I can have people in my space to talk flowers where they feel like it's an actual shop and not my home.” 

Built by her husband (with a couple of small helping hands!) Opting for a rustic wooden look for the exterior " I love the way it's changing colours with age and the weather.” and white paint for the interior creating a lovely light-filled florist workshop, Eye Catcher Flowers.

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