"We built the She Shed for me to use as my interiors studio. I work as an interior designer specialising in beautiful finishing touches and gifts for children, and I use the studio to create and make products to sell in our business. We have an online store: https://jemimaandjeremy.co.nz


I have worked as an interior designer for about 7-8 years and have always used a bedroom in our house for the studio, so felt like I never really “shut the door on the business” at the end of the day, whereas having a separate studio to the house is great. I now “go out to work” and I feel as though the business is now separate to our day to day living."

"We are going to paint the exterior of the shed in Resene Iron with Resene White around the window frame and French doors. The interior of the shed is painted in Resene White and we used Resene Qristal ClearFloor clear waterborne flooring urethane on the floorboards.


We’ve installed blockout roller blinds in the shed, the roller blind for the window is chain controlled, and the roller blinds for the French doors are motorised and are to operate independently of each other."

"We have taken the timber trellising off the window and French doors as we wanted to give the studio a more contemporary style and to create continuity with windows in the house.


The finished product is worth the effort!"

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