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I was SO proud of myself for putting it together all by myself, and have been showing interested people round it ever since.

Everyone thought I was mad to attempt it single-handed and lots of people (men) offered to do it for me, which I politely refused as half the fun was proving to myself I could do it!

It probably took me a couple of weeks in all, and I had to pick favourable weather, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it – even the frustrating bits!

I tell everyone how much I love it and where I bought it and what good quality it is – it doesn’t leak, and it sure has been tested for that this winter – it’s warm and cosy and draught-free, too. I love it.

I’d just like to add that I was 68 years old when I put it together so that must be testament to how well your sheds are made – if a 68-year-old woman can put one together on her own, anyone can do it!

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