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Popular Articles from the SheShed Blog

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SHED BUILD | Leanne’s Poolside Guest House

Coastal interior styling inside our Brook River Cabin.
A stunning pool house created by our lovely SheShed customer Leanne, featuring modern seascape decor in this beautiful guest house. READ MORE

SHED SPOTLIGHT | Vivien’s Poolside Cabana: A Place to Work & Relax

Renovation specialist, Vivien, created a stunning space to work and relax at her own home using a Cabana kitset cabin from SheShed. We asked her a few questions about the build process that you can find below… READ MORE

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT | Moutere Strawberries

In this month’s Shed Business Spotlight, we’re featuring Sally and Barry from Moutere Strawberries – a family-owned and operated farm located in the beautiful Upper Moutere, just out of Nelson, New Zealand. A local gem with the best strawberries around… READ MORE

LEARN | Painting Your She Shed Black, What You Need to Know Before You Pick up that Brush

Do you love the modern look of Mark & Loni’s Star Cabin from Adore Magazine, but are not sure how the black paint will hold up over time on your wooden shed? READ MORE

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