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Shop the 4x3m Coastal Cabin Kitset

Looking for a stylish and modern cabin that will make you feel like you’re by the ocean? Introducing our new Coastal Cabin kitset! Inspired by beautiful ocean landscapes, this cabin is slightly larger than our Tussock model at 4m wide x 3m long and is perfect for those who want a little extra space. The walls are made of untreated timber, ready to be painted in whatever colour you choose. Plus, with its modern design and sturdy construction, you can be sure that your 12 square-meter Coastal Cabin will last for years to come. Escape to paradise today!

Like the smaller Tussock Kitset, this Coastal Cabin Kitset comes with 45mm thick solid-timber walls for better natural insulation, and it comes with both corrugated iron roofing and roof insulation included in the kitset price.

As always, all our doors and windows are double-glazed to modern high standards, and these new taller windows feature the new European-style tilt and turn opening system to allow for natural airflow circulation while keeping the weather out. (The window can be either tilted inwards at the top for air circulation, or opened fully like a traditional casement window!)

Please note that the kitset comes as natural untreated and unpainted timber, so like any wooden structure you will need to properly seal and paint your cabin to protect it from the weather.

$20,200 NZD

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